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BigPoint shut down BiPoGames after only one Year

Only one year ago Germany based browsergames developer and publisher BigPoint started their own flash games portal Not even 12 months from then, BiPoGames had disappeared from the face of the world wide web. What was the aim of this portal and why did it vanish? Here is our little speculation of BigPoint’s intention and the reasons, that might have lead them to shut down What BigPoint was trying to do, is split up – or better unite – core and casual gamers in their own network. In BigPoints opinion, casual gamers are the ones playing flash games and all sorts of mini games on respective portals. Core gamers are those playing browsergames like Dark Orbit, Seafight, etc.

Maybe this has been the first step to failure for Because in my opinion (and the rest of the industry might think that, too) both are casual games. Flash games and browsergames don’t belong to the core gaming business at all. They are for those players with not enough time or not enough motivation and money to buy expensive consoles or upgrade their PCs every couple of months. Browsergames as well as flash games are the “core” (haha) of the casual games industry. While this is only a small misconception, there could have been other factors leading to the relatively quick death of BiPoGames.

BigPoints browsergames and those games on BiPoGames were cleverly linked to each other, meaning that users from the big games were sent to the mini games and vice versa. This lead to a bad mood within the flash games industry. BigPoint is promoting browsergames through several big flash games portals and receives lots of traffic this way. Providing their own gaming portal with links to the same games resulted in some of the webmasters not being pleased at all. And just imagine the traffic BigPoint would lose, if they couldn’t place their browsergames on several huge international gaming portals anymore.

Well, that’s just guessing. What caused the death of BiPoGames in the end, we can not tell for sure. But the aforementioned reasons could have played a role in this.

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