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Casual Connect 2010 – Videos from the Kyiv Conference

There are three Casual Connect conferences every year – in Seattle, Hamburg and Kyiv. Of course it is almost impossible for most – and especially smaller – companies in the casual games business to attend all of them. While one of the purposes of the CC is talking to (potential) partners and just extend your network of interesting contacts easily, another important part are the various lectures held by professionals of the industry (and the awesome parties…but that’s another issue!)

While you can’t capture people for business talks and networking on video, you sure can do so with lectures. And the guys organizing the event now uploaded all these lectures and some other videos onto their website. It is well worth of taking a look and see, if there is anything of interest for you and your company there:


So if you didn’t manage to make it to Kyiv or didn’t have the time to attend to a lecture there, you can now catch up and maybe decide, that the next Casual Connect Conference could be worth spending 2 days there.

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