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Casual Connect 2012: Record Attendance in Hamburg

Casual Connect 2012: Record Attendance in Hamburg

The fourth consecutive Casual Connect Conference in Hamburg was a huge success and saw around 1.650 visitors. 96 percent of those were experts from the industry, including games companies, marketers, developers, payment service providers and more. Three percent were representatives of the press. This is a new record in the history of Casual Connects only event in Europe. And as we expected, there has been a trend towards social and mobile gaming, which is nothing new, though. Still, flash and browser games are a huge part of the industry and will be in the future. That’s what we experienced in our interviews with lots of experts and this is also our very own assumption. Even years from now, people will still play in front of their computers or laptops at home.

With the new innovation showcase, the event displayed twelve games in an “art-gallery” style exhibition. These games have been selected from a whole bunch of games and are considered the most innovative titles for Web and iOS devices. Visitors could play and developers could find inspiration for creating their own games with new and innovative ideas. Among the featured games were titles from Spilgames, Ninja Kiwi and Adult Swim.

As every year, a significant and important part of the conference were the lectures held by impressive speakers from all over the industry. Among them was Riccardo Zacconi, CEO of as well as Richard Bartle, Professor of Computer Game Design at the Univerity of Essex, UK. So visitors had the chance to experience every point of view within the games industry. Additional lectures were held by executives from Microsoft, Adobe, Newzoo or Digital Chocolate.

One of the most interesting facts, though, is that the Casual Games Association – organizer of the Casual Connect events – will launch an additional event to the conferences in Hamburg, Seattle and Ukraine. Casual Connect Asia will be held in Singapore from 22 – 24 May 2012 for the first time. Another indicator of a steadily growing industry.

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