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Did you know…

No? We neither. And from the first look, I didn’t even plan to take a second one. But curious as I am, I checked their Alexa ranking and it left me with my jaw dropping to the ground. The site itself does not look very promising, neither in terms of design nor content. But Alexa tells me, that the worldwide rank is 2.756. So I had to take a second look. And what can I say? It still isn’t a gaming portal, which invites you to stay, really. It looks like a site from the 90′s, and it probably is.

But you should never judge a book (or a gaming portal) by its cover, right? So how does a portal like this get such high amounts of traffic? First of all, this site is already around for a while. And users still tend to stick to the portals they knew first.

Furthermore the site has a nice collection of around 5.000 games. And you will find all the great flash and social games there, like Cover Orange, Bloons, all the GoodgameStudios-titles and many more popular brands.

Besides the actual games, the site also features funny videos, pictures and cartoons. This could definitely be a reason for the younger audience to stay on All their favourite online content is there, so why should they look for a different site? What I like about the site, is that it has a forum for registered users. And it seems to be frequently used with thousands of posts in lots of threads.

Remarkable about the traffic of the site is, that it mostly comes from countries like Croatia, Czech Republic or Lithuania. is located in Arizona, though. But on the other hand, it’s the internet….no barriers, no borders, no boundaries. If I want to play on a Khazak site, I can do that!

Finally, here is a little traffic overview of based on the Alexa stats:

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