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FarmVille no longer #1 App on Facebook

If you are a facebook user, it is impossible not to have heard about FarmVille. Since August 2009 it is not only the most played social game on Facebook, it is THE top app in the social network. Well, it was until now. While there still is no other game able to compete with Zynga’s FarmVille, there is an app called “Phrases” counting even more active monthly users than FarmVille at the moment. Phrases is some sort of user generated content allowing users to express themselves through images and phrases on Facebook walls. 

Of course this is nothing to worry about for Zynga. And with 54.355.255 monthly active users compared to Zyngas 53.850.225, it is not much of an advance. And as Zynga has some more games running on Facebook, their number of monthly active users in total is 197.859.987. Which of course means, as developer Zynga is still unmatched and by far the most successful company on Facebook.

Only being around since 2006, the market value of Zynga is an unbelievable 5.51 billion dollars, that is 5.510.000.000 in writing.  To give you a clue how much this actually is: Zynga is more valuable than videogaming’s giant Electronic Arts with “only” 5.27 billion USD.

Take a look at the following chart for an overview of the best performing apps and developers based on the Monthly Active Users (MAU):

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