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Google AdSense – Gaming Sites Special

Google’s AdSense program is one of the most common ways in the World Wide Web to advertise products. There are simple rules you should stick to, when placing those AdSense ads on your website. Some are rather universal, some give advices for special kinds of portals. Such as gaming sites. Here and now we want to take a look on what Google recommends (and with “recommend” we mean “order”) what to do and what better not. As we mentioned, there are some general rules like “Don’t click on your own Goodle ads” and “Don’t ask anyone to click on your Google ads”. But there are some interesting points targeting the group of games portal providers.

It is a common rule, that you need to separate ads from the rest of the “real” content. For games sites, Google gives a clear advice: a minimum distance of 150 pixels between the game (respectively the flash player) and the ad.

Another rule, which should be considered really important is that you should definitely avoid making the ads look like being part of a game, for example. Generally you should always place the ads away from interactive content.

With that said, a nice addition to the AdSense program is a special focus on games. Especially online games offer a huge market for advertising strategies. Google offers special forms of advertising for that. Check out this video from Google’s AdSense policies:

If you’re interested what happens, if you don’t play by the rules, take a look at this recent article.

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