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How important are Casual Gamers for BigPoint? (Video Interview @ Casual Connect 2011)

You have already watched our video interviews with Juriaan v. Teunenbroek from YoudaGames and Scott Johnston from Spilgames. Those two already told us a little bit about their companies and what their plans for 2011 are. We already heard the words Facebook, Mobile Gaming or HTML5. This time, we spoke to Philip Reisberger from Bigpoint. BigPoint is a little different to most competitors in the business, because many of their games – titles like SeaFight and Dark Orbit – are targeted at the classic core gamer. So we talked to Philip about how BigPoint  combines core and casual gamers under one brand.

BigPoint is a German company by origin, but is expanding heavily into new markets recently. As Philip told us, since last year they are trying to strengthen their brands in the United States and launched a new office in Sao Paulo. So does BigPoint’s future lie overseas? See for yourself in our video interview (with english subtitles, because we did it in German):

What became clear for us when talking to Philip is that BigPoint saw themselves more as a provider of core games until recently. But with games like Zoomumba or Farmerama they are definitely expanding into the casual market more and more. And we’re all gamers, right? So the question is, how long can the industry differentiate between casual and core anymore? We’ll have to wait and see…

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