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KaiserGames and Spil Games – The Kings of German Flash Gaming

KaiserGames and Spil Games – The Kings of German Flash Gaming

comScore, Inc., one of the leading global companies for measuring the digital world, published a study recently, where they compared gaming portals in Germany regarding their visitors and the hours those visitors played on the sites in June 2011. The first impressive number is the overall percentage of german internet users, who also play online games. 46 percent of the internet users in Germany spend time on gaming portals. This means that almost every second user is a gamer in Germany.

But let’s take a look at the actual companies competing for the crown of online gaming portals. Compared by the time users spend on the portals, it’s not a big surprise, that MMO giant Bigpoint (Farmerama, Skyrama, Dark Orbit, etc.) finishes first with almost 7.5 million hours played by german users in June 2011, followed by MMO-publisher InnoGames (Grepolis, The West) with 4.1 million hours and flash games portal owner KaiserGames with 2.5 million hours of gameplay. Here Spil Games only obtains 6th place with almost 1.9 million hours.

But the ranking changes if you look for the amount of visitors playing on these sites. With a little less than 3.6 million visitors in this particular month, KaiserGames attracted the most players of all the companies, followed closely by Spil Games with almost exactly 3.5 million visitors. With only a few visitors short of 2.5 million, Bigpoint enters 3rd place.

The Top 10 of online gaming in Germany includes some other big names, such as Midasplayer – better known as -, Upjers with famous MMOs like My Free Farm or Kapi Hospital, Electronic Arts online branch EA Online or Gameforge.

These results show, that Germany is one of the strongest gaming markets. With strong german companies like KaiserGames, InnoGames, Bigpoint or Gameforge we don’t expect this to change in the near future, as Germany is known for delivering quality content and belonging amongst the most professional countries of the industry.

The image below shows the current ranking by comScore. The second column displays the overall hours users spend on the sites in June 2011, the 3rd column shows the amount of visitors for the same month (both in thousands). The overall reach is shown in the last column.

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