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KaiserGames launches new gaming portal

KaiserGames – owner of germany’s and turkey’s most visited gaming portals and – started their new internationally focussed site After some months of beta-testing and responding to gamers hopes and needs, Games1 left its beta phase is now live and running for everyone to see, experience and play. Unlike KaiserGames’ other well known portals, this time they are not focussing exclusively on a young audience, offering games targeted at more mature users as well. With more than 8.000 games from day one, strives to be one of the biggest gaming portals with one of the most varied choice of games for every taste.

With at least four new games added every day, KaiserGames is planning to grow steadily, offering quality games from all kinds of genres. From cooking to shooting, from racing to Jump’n Run, from puzzling to fighting – the choice is huge and with such a nice variety of games the site should find a place amongst the Big Players of the industry.

Cologne based company KaiserGames is already a big name in the casual games sector. With and, KaiserGames counts more than 400 million page views every month, the other portals not included.

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