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Re-Launch: Spil Games’ is back online again

In November 2010, we wrote about being shut down by Spil Games. Now, after more than a year, we were surprised to discover, that obviously Spil decided, it is worth giving another try. With a new design and a smaller, yet high quality selection of games, the portal seems to be still focussing on a younger male target audience. In 2010, had not been growing as fast as Spil had hoped.

The portal had been closed in mid-2010 and according to re-opened in September 2011, where traffic numbers are rising again. By February 2012, is close to returning to its former glory. In 2010, we assumed, that the site reached around 100.000 daily visits. As the site is growing steadily since September, it is likely to reach those old traffic numbers by the middle of 2012 again.

We weren’t able to get more information on why they re-launched the portal and why they chose a completely different design compared to the old site. Actually, the current design is one you find pretty often among newer gaming portals these days. It is pretty sleek, with a clear layout and only a bunch of games. We like it.

If there is any news about Spilgames intention with their updated portal, we will let you know.

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