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Roundgames BV – Dutch gaming network in 14 languages

If you look at the different sites in the RoundGames-network seperately, they may be not that big. Some of them show an Alexa ranking between 40.000 and 60.000, which is not too bad, but not really big either. But if you look at the network of sites in a whole, RoundGames counts a lot of traffic from different countries. So this company is well worth a look for everyone in the online casual games industry. With 14 languages this network belongs to the bigger ones – at least in terms of variety of native tongues.  From english to polish, from Hungarian to Greek – this is a nice feature, compared to so many gaming sites featuring only one language or at most the native language plus english.

To give you a little overview of RoundGame’s traffic, take a look at the stats of the Greek, French and Spanish site:

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