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UPDATE: Spil Games buys turkish gaming site

UPDATE: Spil Games buys turkish gaming site

Dutch casual gaming giant Spil Games continues with their ambitious journey of conquering the world of flash games. With more than 40 flash games portals in their portfolio already, among them well known sites such as the incredibly big, Spil Games is second to none in this business. And they just recently acquired a new member for their huge portal family: please welcome 

With the not (yet) huge – but not really small either – gaming site already showing the famous design of another of their flagship portals called, the road seems to be clear: make one of the most visited flash games sites in Turkey. This is also Spil’s first acquisition in the turkish market, which is currently dominated by portals like, and We don’t have any information regarding the price for this site, unfortunately.

It will be interesting to see, how their newest gaming site will develop among such strong competitors. will keep an eye out for you. Check Oyunoyna’s traffic stats so far in the shown image.

UPDATE: Besides, Spil Games also bought one of the other three aforementioned big turkish gaming sites. For a price of 2.000.000 USD, is now part of the Spil portfolio as well. The obvious guess from our site is, that Spil will put a lot of effort in becoming #1 in Turkey now.


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