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Spil Games closed

The ultimate game destination Spil Games situated in the Netherlands closed the gaming portal

With over 130 million uniques monthly Spil Games is the world’s largest online casual gaming company. The fast moving company offers gaming portals for various target groups like girls, teens and women. Their fresh and young flash game portal attracted boys and young men.

The website went offline really surprisingly and nobody really knows why. But the team heard that the project was not according to the spil games growth projections. According to the website did really well. We assume that reached up to 100.000 visits daily, which is in general a good figure, but obviously it was not enough for the dutch company. is the website that profits from this story. All the traffic is forwarded directly to the

So a lot of publishers have to think about what is wrong with the young male target group? Was there no growth potential anymore? Did it bring no money to Spil?

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