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SPIL Games with new Corporate Identity

When you think of SPIL Group, the first thing that comes to your mind is the orange and black logo with the bouncing ball. Well, you better re-think a little bit. Last week, SPIL changed their whole corporate design rather drastically. Above all, their new logo is completely different from what it used to be. Not a simple evolution, rather a little revolution? The whole look of SPIL’s corporate website appears more seriously now. Let’s say, more “corporate”. Where the little orange ball used to bounce, there is now a new “twirly-whirly” symbol in grey and pink. The old logo made perfectly clear, that you are dealing with a gaming company here. Of course, there is still the word “Games” involved, but it seems, that SPIL tried to go in a more serious and reputable direction. And although at first sight, there might be a little too much pink involved, they definitely achieved their goal. The overall design is awesome and the usability is pretty good. All in all, we say: Good job, SPIL!

What do you think is the better logo? The old one or the new one?

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