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If you pay attention to such things as alexa rankings of the portals you spend your time on, you may have noticed, that  suffered a noticable drop in their alexa ranking to currently #807. It’s not the worst thing that could happen, but it is a clear indicator for portal owners to keep an eye on everything running smoothly and not risking to lose your users. But what is the reason, that a huge site like suffers such a decrease in traffic within not even 4 weeks? The explanation is simple: the site was down for almost an entire week and users tend to search for alternatives quickly. And as is only one of many gaming sites throughout the world wide web, they found new places to play in an instant.

There is probably one thing, the guys behind learned from this: one of the downsides of the internet is, that you’re easily and very quickly replaceable.

So keep your eyes open and your servers running!

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